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Attempting to make a group for Independent filmmakers out there trying to get their work out.

* This group is for independent pieces ONLY! No popular movie fan art or video or based off of video. example: The Avengers or The Hobbit. But you are more than welcomed to discuss how the professionals do things in those films AND NOTHING WITH COPYRIGHTED THINGS. Anything involving such things as Batman to Lego or even music from things like Star Wars is NOT Independent or original. However it's one thing to make fun of it and if I reject your video or still because of such things you have the freedom to try and argue it out of me. If you do not understand copyright laws look up youtubes copyright rules. They're basically the same here.

* No video spoofs or "home videos". Spoofs are great but meant for youtube and we've all seen your cat chase the laser. It's cute but we don't want it on here. dA doesn't really allow those videos anyway so if you manage to upload it I'll admit I'll be impressed.

* Absolutely no pornography is allowed, nothing against it I just don't want it in this group and I doubt dA wants it either.

*No commercials, while this group supports the creativity behind commercials it's really meant for the portfolio and not this group. This also includes anything for a charity group. How ever if you have a tutorial on how you did something in a commercial you made you are more than welcomed to share it.

* Music videos and How to videos are allowed. Music videos must be original and must be from an independent artist (I doubt you got Slipknots permission to make a video for them.) NO CONCERT VIDEOS! How to videos must be about how to do something in film and nothing else.

* Don't be a dick, if you're just joining this group to troll on videos and not give good criticism you'll be deleted.

I'm just making this to see how far it will go. If you have any suggestions for the group let me know. I hope I get a lot of members and I hope you all enjoy yourselves. :)
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Jan 25, 2013


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Independent Films

38 Members
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Sorry it took so long, first off for the month of April I present to you MONOLITHE by
:iconjsmonzani:, Jean-Sébastien Monzani  has made quite a few films both shorts and experimental that are very good and I even recommend him to watch as well. "Which kind of gives me an idea to do a watch of the month as well but we'll see". But here is MONOLITHE the video of April.…

Next for the month of May is a stop motion piece by
:iconwitchlady750: called Boxes. A very charming and great piece for the favorite collection! Enjoy!…
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AoZmReAgEaL Mar 17, 2014  Professional Filmographer
My friend and myself made this independent short film  a while ago,  we'd love to  know what you think of it, it's inspired by german expressionistic films?…
MysticWonderingWoman Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I like it! I definitely see the German expressionism, my only critique is that it's a little long but for the most part very well done.  
bedroom-inc Sep 13, 2013  Student General Artist
Hey if I did a halo megabloks stopmotion with an original story that fit in the regular story would that be allowed?

Just asking.
MysticWonderingWoman Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
bedroom-inc Sep 21, 2013  Student General Artist
Yay!!!!! :boing:
anakshamumun Apr 20, 2013
I hope I won't sound like a self promoting douche, but I have this short screenplay and I thought maybe someone would like to use it, could be in animation or live action, I don't know.


Is not perfect, maybe not even decent and you can change things if you want, like the specific camera angles it has (which I don't know, might help in case of animation, so they know how could be animated).

So, I leave it here. And if you think about using it, well, just tell me. It would be nice to see my work come to life.
tonytexwatt Apr 17, 2013  Professional General Artist
Hi all...I'm a filmmaker/comic book cartoonist..nice to be here(: [link]
tonytexwatt Apr 17, 2013  Professional General Artist
Hi all...I'm a filmmaker/comic book cartoonist..nice to be here(: [link]
PhilipBrocklehurst Apr 13, 2013  Professional Writer
My Project A GOOD TIME




Story by Margie Newton

Screenplay & Director: Philip Brocklehurst

Starring: Margie Newton

A powerful, telling yet at the same time hilarious story of one woman's quest to help her daughter and stop the onslaught of unpaid bills. Sacrificing her dignity, she gets a job at an exotic nightclub.

Deep inside, she is embarrassed to be doing the job, but no one else will employ her, but there is also a sense that maybe she wants this job to feel young again after her husband left her for a younger woman.

Working at the club she meets a charming young man, a passionate romance is born. During this romance, she experiences a journey of self discovery.

Her mid-life crisis which in the end costs her the love and respect from her daughter, she has to think hard about her life, re-find herself and do the right thing.


We plan to film the movie either in either Birmingham or London

The movie will be filmed on a modest budget, the higher the budget, the better the best equipment we can use, the better locations we can get.

The movie will have a guerrilla, fly on the wall documentary feel to it mixed with narrative style, creating a dimension rarely seen in film.

Music and Sound Effects will most likely not be used, I want this to feel real as possible but at the same time have a strange undertone of a movie.

The cast will be small, we may use real people from the locations, again to create a bizarre line between reality and fantasy.

Cult actress Margie Newton of Hell of the Living Dead fame is set to star, there is talk of having her real life daughter play the role of her daughter in the film. I really want the reality/fiction tone to be pushed to the boundaries.
PhilipBrocklehurst Feb 21, 2013  Professional Writer
My project "NIGHT KILLER" is looking for funding on KICKSTARTER

Help fund this movie, become a producer, become joined with the production.


When loving mother and struggling ex-wife Melanie Beck is attacked, she awakens to find herself at the mercy of a crazed, serial rapist. Trapped in a Nightmare that she can not escape, Melanie is abused and tormented by her Captor. In a game of dominance, in a test of strength and will, she must gather her courage to be free, or be lost to the darkness of oblivion at the hands of the NIGHT KILLER
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